March 2015

| Fund Strategy |

  • Aims to deliver attractive returns on a risk-adjusted basis.
  • Employs a top-down asset allocation process, evaluating the macroeconomic environment to drive portfolio construction.
  • This is complimented by fundamental research into individual names held within the portfolio.
  • At all times, at least 80% of the Fund will be invested in investment grade bonds, or equivalent. Currency exposure will be predominantly sterling and, where appropriate, foreign currency exposure will be hedged back into sterling.
  • The Fund will be constructed to distribute monthly income payments.

Performance Record

Performance Record Graph

Managed by Paul Smith since 01 August 2009

Discrete Annual Performance (%)

Share Type 2015(YTD) 2014 2013 2012 2011
Income 1.5 5.6 5.6 15.9 -2.3

Discrete Annual Performance to Quarter End 31 December 2014 (%)

Share Type 31/12/2013
Income 5.6 5.6 15.9 -2.3 6.5

Cumulative Performance to 28 February 2015 (%)

Share Type 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
Income 1.5 2.1 5.4 24.8 32.7
Official Sector 2.8 4.8 9.4 23.4 40.0

Quoted on a bid to bid, total return, UK Sterling basis. Past performance is not a guide to future returns. The price of units and shares and the income from them may go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invested.

Source: Financial Express. 20/03/2015

| Fund Objectives |

To provide a high income payable in monthly instalments.


Important Note

The initial charge has been waived by Premier Asset Management until further notice. However, if you have invested via a financial adviser, the initial charge may still apply and be paid to your adviser.

| Key Fund Facts |

Fund Size:£58.5m
Launch Date:06 November 1995
Sector:IA Sterling Corporate Bond
Distribution Yield:A, B, C Inc 2.0%
Underlying Yield:A Inc 1.0%, B Inc: 1.2%, C Inc: 1.4%

| Top 10 Holdings |

University of Cambridge 3.75% 17/102.10
Aspire Defence 4.674% 31/03/401.99
Real Estate Credit Investments1.84
Credit Suisse CD 1.02% 16/10/20151.71
RSL Finance 6.625% 31/03/381.63
National Grid 1.25% Index-Linked 06/10/20211.61
South Eastern Power I/L 05/06/23 1.61
CS 7.875% 24/02/20411.51
GE Capital Funding 8% 14/01/39 1.50


| Further Holdings |

EIB I/L 16/04/2020
EIB Bank 6.00% 07/12/2028
BSkyB 3.125% 26/11/2022
Pepsico 2.50% 01/11/2022
BT 5.75% BDS 7/12/2028
Amlin PLC 6.50% 19/12/26
Skandinaviska Enskilda 3% 18/12/202
European Bank Reconstruction 5.625%
NATS Route 5.25% 31/03/26
Land Securities 5.391% 31/03/27
Lloyds 11.875% 16/12/2021
Lloyds 10.75% F2V 16/12/2021
McDonald's 2.375% 27/11/2024
Apple 3.85% 04/05/2043
UK Treasury Gilt 5% 07/03/2032
UK Treasury Gilt 4.25% 07/06/2032
HSBC Holdings 6.00% 29/03/40
RSA Insurance 9.375% 20/05/39
Spirit Issuer 3.21625% 28/12/31
SSE 6.25% 27/08/38
Juturna 5.0636% 10/08/33
Societe Generale F2V Perp
Electricite De France 6.125% 02/06/
A2D Funding II 4.5% Gtd Snr 30/09/2
BUPA 5.00% 25/04/2023
Yorkshire Water Services 3.625% 01/
Bank of America 5.25% 09/11/2016
Rabobank 6.875% 19/03/20
Glencore 4.125% 30//05/23
Marks & Spencer 6.125% 02/12/2019
GlaxoSmithKline 2.8% 18/03/2023
Unique Pub 6.464% 30/03/32
E.ON International 6.75% 27/01/39
European Bank Reconstruction 1.875%
Mondi Finance 3.375% 28/09/20
UBS FRN 22/02/2022
BL Superstore Fin 4.482% 04/10/30
Brit Insurance 6.625% 09/12/30
Barclays 10% 21/05/21
Nordic 5.25% 26/11/19
BAA Funding 3.334% 09/12/41
BPCE SA 2.75% 08/07/2026
EADS Finance 2.7% 04/17/2023
Freshwater 6.057% 17/10/36
Centrica 4.375% 13/03/29
Anheuser-Busch 4% 24/09/2025
Marstons Issuer 5.1576% 15/10/27
Anglian Water I/L 01/08/45
BAA 7.075% FRN 05/30
Rabobank 8.375% 07/29/49
Telenor 2.75% 27/06/2022
EFSF 1.875% 23/05/2023
Santander 3.16% 01/12/15
UBS 4.75% 22/05/2023
Int Bank Recon & Dev 4.875% 07/12/2
FirstGroup 5.25% 29/11/22
Jefferies 2.375% 20/05/20
Northern Powergrid Yorkshire 5.125%
Argon Capital 8.162 Fr MTN Perp 29/
Electricite De France 5.25%
Petrobras 6.25% Gtd Snr 14/12/2026
Aviva 5.9021% Perp
AT&T 4.8% 06/15/2044
Rentokill 3.375% 24/09/19
EE Finance 4.375% 28/03/2019
AXA FRN 5.453%
C/Wealth Bank of Aus 3.00% 04/09/20
Rolls-Royce 3.375% 18/06/2026
Siemens Financial Services 6.125% 1
GE Capital Trust 5.50% 15/09/66
Punch Taverns B 5.943% 30/12/24
Debenhams 5.25% 15/07/2021
Credit Agricole 19/09/2033
F&C 9.00% 20/12/2016
Tesco Property Fin 5.6611% 13/10/41
BL Superstore Fin 5.27% 04/10/30
Barclays 7.75% 10/04/23
Morrisons 3.5% 27/07/26
PGH Capital Ltd 6.625% 18/12/2015
Casino Guichard 4.726% 26/05/21
Imperial Tobacco 3.50% 11/02/2023
Ecofin Water & Power 6% 31/07/2016
Henderson 7.25% 24/03/16
United Parcel 2.45% 01/10/2022
Punch Taverns 7.274% 15/04/22
Transport for London 2.25% 09/08/20
VIB Vermoegen 4.0% 05/12/2016
Anglian Water 4.50% 05/10/27
DirecTV Holdings Gtd Snr 6.375% 01/
Next 4.375% 02/10/2026
Danske Bank 5.75% 31/10/2049
BAT International Finance 4% 04/09/
Thames Water 4.0% 19/06/2025
Banco Santander 6.25% 12/03/2049
Verizon 2.45% 11/01/2022
Intercontinental Hotels 3.875% 28/1
Enterprise Inns 6.5% 06/12/2018
Aston Martin 9.25% 15/07/2018
Helical Bar Jersey 4% 17/06/2019
Nationwide 6.875%
HSBC Var 5.625% 31/12/2049
Northumbrian Water 6.875% 06/02/202
Tesco Property Finance 5.4111% 13/0
RL Finance Bonds No. 2 6.125% 30/11
City Greenwich 9.375% 11/10/20
Barclays 8.0% 15/12/2049
KBC Groep 5.625% CoCo 19/Perp
Deutsche Bank 6.25% 29/05/2049
St Mowden Properties 2.875% Conv 06
Reed Elsevier 2.75% 01/08/2019
Theatre Hospitals No 2 FRN
Punch Taverns FRSN 15/10/2016
Theatre Hospitals FRN
Eurosail FRN 13/06/45
Broadgate Finance 1.82375% 25/10/25
Windermere 1.91438% 20/04/15

| Credit Rating Exposure |

Non-Rated 6.09

| Maturity |

Under 1 year9.67
1-5 years9.35
5-10 years27.38
10-15 years20.54
15 years +32.96

Fund developments and comments

Premier Corporate Bond Monthly Income Fund - Investment Manager, Paul Smith (since 01 August 2009)


Premier Corporate Bond Monthly Income Fund continues to provide a top quartile income within the IA Sterling Corporate Bond sector with envious risk statistics. The Fund continued to deliver strong excess returns to credit selection during 2014 with the securitized issues from Punch Taverns and Enterprise Inns, as well as exposures to European real estate generating strong total returns. Overweight exposures to the consumer sectors and an underweight position in utilities continued to add to credit performance. Maintaining a shorter duration than peers restrained performance as sovereigns rallied during the latter half of the year. The Fund aims to distribute a smoothed monthly income with a balancing distribution in the final month.  


Our current strategy is to position the Premier Corporate Bond Monthly Income Fund with greater sector diversification and probably a longer tail of holdings, but still be active and aggressive in credit and duration versus peers, some of whom reflect the broader market. The portfolio’s low correlation to the sector highlights this strategic approach. Our expectations of a flattening in the yield curve were realised during 2014 and we now expect higher yields across the curve as the market begins to factor in rate rises despite anticipated short-term deflation. We remain cautious about the degree of increased leverage being used for shareholder returns, while viewing defensive M&A in certain sectors as a credit positive in the medium term, due to the resulting shift in competitive dynamics.  


Default rates are likely to remain low in the immediate-term despite further re-leveraging, as issuers lock in cheap borrowings and corporate liquidity remains at historically high levels. However, some sectors such as the Energy sector will likely experience elevated default rates arising from industry-specific risks such as commodity price volatility. Bondholders should be alert to refinancing risk, as opportunistic issuers which rushed to the market to finance operations cheaply may find primary markets closed in a normalised rate environment. Despite continuing to set post-crisis tights, we expect further credit spread compression, punctuated by periods of volatility, as sovereign yields begin to normalise. It is difficult to envisage an environment where duration outperforms credit although we closely monitor the spread of UK Gilts and US Treasuries over other G7 sovereigns.  


The Fund’s average credit rating is A- and duration continues to be actively managed, maintaining less sensitivity to rate changes than the sector and market as a whole while seeking to benefit from changes in the shape of the yield curve. New forms of subordinated bank debt with unique features to each issue provide ample opportunities to add value. We continue to keep the portfolio highly liquid, enabling a flexible structure while overall bond market liquidity remains a concern.  


A small, nimble bond fund is likely to be able to produce good outcomes for investors, as they did in 2014, with a greater dispersion of bonds to choose from and an ability to more actively manage duration. We would propose that a small, nimble, actively managed corporate bond fund is more strategic than the majority of the strategic bond sector constituents given their size and limited market liquidity. 


Fund Information

Initial ChargeA: 4%, B&C: 0%
Annual Management ChargeA: 1%, B: 0.85%, C: 0.65%
Ongoing Charges FeeAt 30 April 2014, A Inc: 1.37%, B Inc: 1.22%
C Inc: 1.02%
Accounting Dates30 Apr, 31 Oct
Payment Dates28th day of each month
Valuation Point12 noon, daily
SedolA:0389345 B:0390723 C: 0389549
Share ClassClass A, B & C Income
Min. InvestmentA: £1,000 B: 50,000 C: 250,000
ISA eligibleYes, stocks & shares

Investment Team

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