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Connect is Premier Miton Investors' no-cost online service, enabling advisers to manage their clients’ investments in our range of funds.

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Funds on Connect:
Our Connect service currently offers access to our funds that have either a Premier or Premier Miton prefix (“Premier Miton funds”), for example, our Premier Multi-Asset Distribution Fund. Following the creation of Premier Miton Investors in November 2019 from the merger of Premier Asset Management and Miton Group, we are working to add funds with the Miton prefix onto Connect as soon as possible.

Zero cost

There is no adviser or client fee for using the Connect portal which means lower total cost of ownership for your clients.1

Manage your clients' investments in a wide range of Premier Miton funds

Services include buying and selling Premier Miton funds, fund switching, re-registration, illustrations, valuations and client reporting.

Current fund choice includes 15 multi-asset funds

Access to all Premier prefixed funds, including 15 multi-asset and multi-manager funds covering income, conservative growth, absolute return, balanced and growth objectives.

Look-through reporting

Access to look-through client investment reports showing all the underlying investments in our multi-asset funds.

Customer agreed adviser remuneration

Facilitates payment of adviser remuneration when agreed by a client.

Natural income option

Facility for dividends to be paid directly into a client's bank account, Alternatively, income can be paid into a product account or re-invested.

Choice of investment products

Access to an investment account and ISA.

Powered by FNZ

Connect services are provided by FNZ, a global financial technology firm.


Digital service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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1Fund charges will apply.