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Connect is designed to be an intuitive and easy to use online administration service. However, if you do need any help, our Connect user guide for advisers aims to take you through the steps of using some of the key functions, including generating a quote, making an application, transfer tracking, producing ad-hoc and personalised client reports, editing and managing your clients’ accounts, fund switching, organising withdrawals and much more.


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Supplementary Information Document (SID)
Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)


What is the cost of using Connect?

There are no charges for you or your clients for using the Connect portal. Connect is a no-fee digital administration service enabling you to access Premier Miton’s range of funds and manage your clients’ investments on an ongoing basis. This means a lower total cost of ownership for your clients as, unlike platforms, there is no platform fee applied.

The usual ongoing charges associated with investing into a Premier Miton fund will apply; please refer to the Total costs and charges document available on our website for further information about the individual fund charges that apply.

Charges information is also published in each fund’s Key Investor Information Document and factsheet, which are also available on our website.

What funds are available for investment on Connect?

Our Connect service currently offers access to our funds that have either a Premier or Premier Miton prefix (“Premier Miton funds”), for example, our Premier Multi-Asset Distribution Fund. Following the creation of Premier Miton Investors in November 2019 from the merger of Premier Asset Management Group plc and Miton Group plc, we are working to add funds with the Miton prefix onto Connect as soon as possible.

Adviser fees and charges

How frequently will my advice fee be paid?

Frequency is set per firm/network when your firm registers to use Connect and can be paid in the following ways;

Initial advice charge

Weekly: Paid on the Monday after we have received cleared funds.

Monthly: Paid on the 26th of the month during which cleared funds were received.

Ongoing advice charge

Weekly: Collected from the client’s account each month based on the date the account was first opened; paid weekly on the following Monday.

Monthly: Paid on the 26th of the month.

All payments are made by BACs and can take up to 4 working days to clear in the nominated bank account.

How do I obtain fee statements?

Statements can be viewed and downloaded within the adviser services dashboard.

Do I need to ensure my clients have money held in cash to pay my adviser fees?

No. Your clients can hold cash within their product accounts which can be used to facilitate adviser fees. If there is insufficient cash available in the product account, there will be a sale of investments (on a pro-rata basis) to raise sufficient cash if needed.

How is the adviser initial charge deducted?

The adviser initial charge is taken directly from your client’s account prior to investment and will be paid once the Charges Information Document, signed by your client, has been uploaded to your client’s document library.


What is the minimum investment amount?

£1,000 per fund.

Is there a minimum amount for regular contributions?

No minimum.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

No minimum.

Fund share class

Which share classes are available on Connect?

Premier UK Money Market fund: B share class

Premier Diversified funds: D share class

All other Premier Miton funds: C share class

Transfers and re-registration

Can my client re-register non-Premier Miton funds onto Connect?

Connect is only available for investments into Premier and Premier Miton prefixed funds, so only these funds can be transferred over as a re-registration. If your client wishes to transfer any other investments, these will need to be sold first and transferred as cash.

Alternatively, you could switch your clients from their current investments into the appropriate Premier Miton fund(s) on their existing platform and then re-register the Premier Miton funds onto Connect. You will need to get details of the number of Premier Miton fund units or shares held by your client in their funds as close as possible to the date of re-registration.

Can my client re-register all share classes of Premier Miton funds?

We can only accept a re-registration of Premier Miton funds that are in the share classes available on Connect. Please refer to the section ‘Which share classes are available on Connect? above.

Your current platform provider will be able to confirm the share class your client is invested in. This information should also be within your client’s valuation.

How can I track my client’s transfer?

There are two ways that you can track the progress of your client’s transfer on Connect;

1. Go to the transfer tracker within your adviser services dashboard, which gives you the latest updates on the status of your client’s transfer

2. Within the pending transactions tab of your client’s portfolio

Do I need to provide an original transfer form or can a scanned copy be accepted?

We require an original wet signature for any transfer requests. All transfer forms should be returned to Premier Fund Managers Limited, PO Box 24132, Edinburgh, EH3 1GG


Can I run a report to show any unused ISA allowance for the tax year?

The Unused ISA allowance report within the adviser services dashboard (see ‘business reporting’) will cover your clients’ ISA contributions and any unused ISA allowance for the current tax year but only applies to investments through Connect.

Withdrawals and natural income

How does Connect facilitate natural income?

There are a number of options available to your client. Natural income, which is any income generated by the underlying investments held within a Premier Miton fund and paid out as a dividend/interest per share/unit, can be paid to your client’s bank account or re-invested to buy further shares in the fund or retained as cash within their product account. You can change the way that income is paid out to your clients at any time, if instructed by them.

Can I see a report showing dividends paid?

For individual clients: dividend payments are displayed within your client’s transaction history, under transaction type. You can filter by dividend and run a report which will show all dividend payments made to your client. This information can also be downloaded as an excel document.

For fund specific: within corporate actions, you can run a dividend report which will show ex-dividend dates, payment dates, dividend payments and the dividend payment status for specific Premier Miton funds.

Can my client receive regular withdrawals?

Yes. Your client can specify to receive withdrawals from a fund and they can apply the disinvestment equally across their Premier Miton funds or pro-rata across all Premier Miton funds they hold within their portfolio. The first payment will need to be at least 10 working days in the future, from the day the instruction was made.

Payments in

What are the bank details for electronic payments?

Bank details are provided on the confirmation page when making an application. Please ensure you take note of the bank details provided on this page, as this is the only section where this information is stored. You can print the information from this screen, pressing Ctrl+P on windows or Command+P on a MAC

  • Bank: Lloyds
  • Account name: PC Collections Client Money
  • Reference: Use the client’s Connect account number

My client is investing by cheque; what do they need to do?

The remittance advice slip produced within the confirmation page when making an instruction will confirm the details below, which can be posted to the client. Cheques should:

  • be made payable to PC Collections Client Money,
  • be signed and dated by the client,
  • include their Connect account number, written on the back and attached to the remittance advice slip, and
  • be posted to Investor Services, Premier Fund Managers Limited, Eastgate Court, High Street, Guildford, GU1 3DE.

Do you have set collection dates for regular contributions?

When setting up regular contributions for your client, the first collection date must be at least 10 working days in the future and the payment date must be between 1st and 28th of the month. We will send a direct debit advance notice letter to your client confirming the direct debit has been set up.


Do you need any original signed documents from the client?

Typically, only the transfer form requires an original signature. However, there may be instances where we request a signed letter or other documentation.

Generally, all other documents that require a client signature can be scanned and uploaded directly to the client’s document library.

When do you send out regular statements?

Statements are posted directly to clients in January, April, July and October. Copies can also be downloaded from the client’s document library.

The quarterly statement issued in April will also include an annual cost and charges statement. You can create adhoc statements at any time and choose whether these statements include a costs and charges statement.


What are the Connect dealing times?

  • 10.59am is our dealing cut-off
  • 12pm is our daily valuation point

When will cheques clear and investments be placed?

Investments cannot be made until the cheque has cleared which can take up to 5 working days.

When will electronic payments clear and investment be placed?

Providing we have received a complete and accurate instruction on Connect, the cash will be credited to your client’s account no later than the close of business the same day, and any linked investments will be placed at the next available dealing point, which may be the next working day.

How long does it take to place a buy or sell instruction on Connect?

T: Trade date / dealing point (10.59am)

Buy: T + 4 working days

Sell: T + 4 working days

How long does it take to place a switch?

T: Trade date / dealing point (10.59am)

Sell: T

Buy: T + 1 working days

Switch: T + 5 working days for settlement

With a switch request, your client is out of the market for 1 working day.

How often will you chase transfers?

Transfers are chased every 10 working days. You can view any updates within the transfer tracker on the adviser services dashboard or within your client’s pending transactions within their portfolio view.


Do you provide a cash account?

Cash can be held in each product account.

Servicing your clients’ accounts

How can I change my client’s bank details?

It is important that your clients notify you as soon as possible of changes to their bank details as you will need to amend this information on Connect. Until you make these changes to their account on Connect, we will continue to make any payments to the original nominated bank account.

Bank details can be updated within the review tab under your client’s details. We will send a letter to your client confirming the change has been made once the new bank details have been verified. You will need to upload bank verification to the client’s document library so that we can validate the new bank details before payments can be made.

How do I change my client’s address?

It is important that your clients notify you as soon as possible if they change address as you will need to amend this information on Connect. Until you have updated Connect with your client’s new address details, we will continue to send any postal correspondence to the address you originally entered on the portal.

You can amend a client’s address details within the review tab under your client’s details. Once you have updated their details, we will send a letter to your client confirming the change has been made, both to the client’s old and new address.

Can I print transaction history?

You can download an excel spreadsheet which can be accessed from your client’s transactions history.

I have switched funds on behalf of my client and there is a regular withdrawal in place - what happens to this?

The withdrawal strategy will pro-rata across all funds held by your client. If you wish to change this so that withdrawals are made from a specific fund, you can edit this within the actions menu in your client’s account.

I have switched funds on behalf of my client and there is a regular contribution in place - what happens to this?

If you switch between Premier Miton funds on behalf of your client through the Connect portal, and a regular contribution is already in place, it is important that you also amend the original regular contribution instruction on the portal. Until this instruction is changed, the regular contribution will continue to be paid into the original Premier Miton fund, even after the switch has been processed.

What happens if my client moves abroad?

Investment is only permitted for UK tax residents with a UK address. If your client moves abroad, they will need to withdraw or transfer to another provider.

Will my clients be able to view their account on Connect?

There is currently not the facility to enable clients to view their Connect account online.

How do I update the book cost for a re-registration transfer?

This can be updated once the transfer has been submitted within the client’s portfolio under the review menu and transaction history;

  • Select ‘investments’
  • Under ‘transaction type’ select ‘transfer in’ and press search (this then brings up all transfers linked to the case)
  • Click on the reference that you want to update the book cost for
  • Enter the total book cost, the date of acquisition and save

How do I run a Capital Gains tax (CGT) report?

There are two ways that you can run CGT reports on Connect;

  • Within the adviser services dashboard, under business reporting, select capital gains report, confirm the period you wish the report to cover, search for the client, assign and generate the report
  • Within the client’s investment portfolio under the review tab, there is a CGT report option; as above, you will need to specify the period before generating the report

My client has dual nationality; can they invest with Connect?

Connect is only available to clients who are UK resident, with a UK bank account.

If your client has dual nationality, you will need to provide their national passport number for the non-UK country when making an application to invest.

Who are FNZ?

Connect is powered by FNZ, a global financial technology company.


What does “Cash balance below 1%” mean?

If there is insufficient cash in the client’s account to pay adviser fees, the fee amount will be disinvested from the client’s holdings. This notification is therefore sent to highlight that an automatic disinvestment may take place due to the account cash balance being below 1%

What does “Income cancelled due to insufficient cash available” mean?

In the event that there is insufficient cash available in the client’s product account to pay out any regular withdrawal requests that have been set up, the client’s holdings will be disinvested to raise cash. The instruction to raise cash by disinvesting holdings will be triggered by the portal 10 working days before the income is due to be released. This notification may therefore be received if the value of the client’s available holdings is insufficient to raise the required cash amount 10 working days before the chosen income date. The original regular withdrawal request will therefore be cancelled.

In order to resolve this, you will need to set up the regular withdrawal request again from the client’s account once the value of holdings in their account is sufficient.

What does “Income payment strategy failure” mean?

This notification is received when one or more or your client’s investments that have been selected for disinvestment are unavailable or insufficient in value to fulfil their regular withdrawal instruction.

Holdings will automatically be disinvested on a pro-rata basis in order to fulfil the regular withdrawal request until instructed otherwise by you.

Adviser servicing - change of adviser/firm

How does my client change their adviser?

Our Investor Services team will require a signed letter of authority to confirm the appointment of the new adviser. The letter should include:

  • Client name and account number
  • Servicing rights and ongoing fees applicable to the new adviser
  • Details of the new adviser, firm and FCA number
  • The client’s signature

Please post the letter to Investor Services, Premier Fund Managers Limited, Eastgate Court, High Street, Guildford, GU1 3DE.

Please note, the new adviser and their respective firm must be registered on Connect.

How can I request a bulk novation?

Our Investor Services team will require a letter from the existing and new firm on headed paper.

Letter from existing firm or adviser should:

  • confirm the relevant clients moving to a new firm/network
  • be signed and dated by the authorised signatory of the firm
  • be posted to Investor Services, Premier Fund Managers Limited, Eastgate Court, High Street, Guildford, GU1 3DE.

Letter from new firm should:

  • confirm that the servicing rights and ongoing fees are to move to the new firm/network for the relevant clients
  • include details of the new firm and FCA number
  • be signed and dated by the authorised signatory of the firm
  • be posted to Investor Services, Premier Fund Managers Limited, Eastgate Court, High Street, Guildford, GU1 3DE.

The new adviser/firm must be registered on Connect.


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