How to invest

Terms of business for UK authorised intermediaries

Terms of business for Non-UK authorised intermediaries

To invest in a fund with a Premier prefix e.g. Premier Income Fund, you should:

  • Read the fund's Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for the relevant share class as well as the Supplementary Information Document (SID). Investors must ensure that they are comfortable with all the risks involved before making an investment decision.
  • Complete the relevant application form in block capitals, using blue or black ink, ensuring all sections applicable are completed and all documentation is attached to the form. Forms should be returned to the address below:
    Premier Portfolio Managers Limited
    PO Box 3733
    Royal Wootton Bassett
    Swindon, SN4 4BG

To make an additional investment or switch from one Premier fund to another Premier fund, investors need to complete and return either the Top Up Application Form or Application Form to Switch Funds. If an investment is held in an ISA, investors will need to complete an ISA application form to top-up their investment. For top-ups, we will allocate shares at the next available dealing point after we’ve received instructions.

Remember, it is important that the most recent fund Key Investor Information Document and Supplementary Information Document are read before completed forms are sent to us.

If you have any questions about investing in a Premier fund, please contact us:

  • 0333 456 6363

To invest in the Premier Portfolio Management Service, investors should:

  • Read the terms and conditions and investor guide before investing.
  • Complete the relevant application form in block capitals using blue or black ink. Please ensure all sections applicable are completed, all documentation is attached to the form and the declaration is signed.
  • Ensure a cheque is enclosed and made payable to: SEI Re: Premier Fund Managers Limited.
  • If applying on behalf of a Trust, a copy of the Trust Deed signatory list should be enclosed.
  • If applicable, provide specimen signatures for any persons permitted to give us instructions regarding the portfolio.
  • Enclose the relevant Anti-Money Laundering documentation for each individual and/or Trustee on the signatory list.

This service is only available to investors who use the ongoing services of a financial adviser. Applications can not be accepted by investors who do not have a financial adviser. 

If you have any questions about investment in our Premier Portfolio Management Service, please contact us:

  • 0333 456 1122

To invest in the Acorn Income Fund or Premier Global Infrastructure Trust

We do not offer a dealing service or regular savings plan for the Acorn Income Fund or Premier Global Infrastructure Trust. However, the Ordinary and Zero Dividend Preference shares can be purchased through a stockbroker or a bank in the same way as you would for any company.

If you have any questions about our investment trusts, please contact us:

  • 0333 456 1122

Risk and other important information

When you invest, your money is at risk because the value of investments, and any income from them, can go down as well as up and you could get back less than you invested. The past performance of an investment is not a guide to how it will perform in the future. Because there are many different types of investment risk and investors have different attitudes to risk, we are not able to categorise our investments as having a specific level of risk. We would therefore strongly recommend that if you do not have professional experience in matters relating to investments, you should speak with a financial adviser before making an investment decision.

Premier Miton Investors is not authorised to provide investment advice or tax advice. Before making an investment decision, it is also important that you read the key documentation for that investment which is available in the literature section of the website, by contacting a financial adviser or by getting in touch with us directly. See ‘Contact us’ for more information or if you are unsure. You can find more details about the specific risks and literature that are relevant to each type of investment on the individual fund, portfolio or investment trust website pages.